5 Things To Do When Staging Your Balcony For Sale In Summertime



Having  a ‘Balcony’ is at the top of the list for almost every buyer when looking for a condo. A fabulously styled balcony is a great feature to have, especially when living in the city, your balcony should show your buyers the “lifestyle” they are buying.

5 Things To Give Your Balcony Both Function And Style

  • The most important thing of all – Clean It!! Scrub and clean the balcony floor, all the windows and balustrade.
  • Remove all the clutter, give your balcony purpose, use every inch of your little piece of urban real estate to its fullest!
  • Use smaller scaled furniture that is both comfortable, functional and stylish. A cushioned corner chair or lounger gives you a place to read a book or take a nap, invest in a few washable outdoor cushions and add some outdoor pillows and throw blankets.
  • A small bistro table and a few chairs creates a relaxing place for your morning coffee or evening glass of wine. Choose bright colours and fun designs, balconies are for relaxing and entertaining, make it friendly and inviting!
  • Have a potted garden with blooming flowers in summer colours and or green boxwood potted hedges.

It doesn’t matter if your condo only has a teeny tiny postage stamp sized balcony, make it a warm and inviting extended living space and all your prospective buyers at your showings will be thinking – I Want This!


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