Use Your Surroundings!

One of my favourite Martial Arts Action Stars is Jackie Chan. He always makes everything look so easy. He will use anything and everything around him for his stunts. We see him climbing walls, jumping through ladders, using ropes, hats, trees, clothes…… Well the list goes on.

While Jackie Chan is funny and impressively entertaining, there is a lesson to learn there. Not all of us are as athletic, gymnastic or creative as Jackie Chan. However we can certainly use our surroundings to help us too. In self-defence everything around us can be used to advantage.

On the street things like garbage cans, mailboxes and cars can be a barrier between your body and your attacker. Do you have something in your hands, such as a purse a drink, cell phone or even a bag of groceries? Throw it at the attacker to deter and distract them. Your car or the wall of a building can be a strong base to brace against while kicking and defending yourself.

Quick thinking and staying calm will go a long way to successfully defending yourself! The Self-Defence Technique I have chosen to demonstrate today is against a Hair Grab, there are several key points in each photograph.




• The attacker grabs your hair from the front and pulls you forward.
• This can be very dangerous for a woman when your assailant has control of your head – not to mention painful.
• It becomes difficult to see as you are being dragged down.




• Take back control of your head.
• Lace your fingers together and clasp your hands tightly on top of the attackers hand.
• Your hands are helping to stabalize your head from the pulling or shaking.
• At the same time step back to counter being dragged downwards.




• Distract your attacker with a hard kick to the groin or shins.
• You may need to do more than one.




• Step forwards, into and under the arm that is pulling your hair.
• When you do this, you will be going with the attackers pulling motion to bend their arm.
• Use that momentum from the attackers pulling motion against them and to your advantage.




• Continue under the arm and turn your body.
• Be sure to keep your hands tightly clasped on the attackers hand.
• This twisting weakens the grip the attacker has on your hair.




• Continue to turn your body.
• The goal of the twisting motion is to get behind your attacker.
• As you are twisting, the attacker’s grab is loosened and their arm is bent behind their back.
• It becomes easy to escape as they cannot hold on any longer.




• In a Martial Arts class I would finish with an arm lock or a takedown. For simple self-defence, I will suggest a swift side kick to buckle the knees of your attacker.
• Now is your chance to run to safety!

All movements must be executed quickly and with force for maximum effeciveness. Remember during this struggle to use your voice to call attention to the situation. When you do escape, RUN! Use that opportunity to get help and go somewhere safe. Do not attempt to fight with the attacker, your only goal is to quickly escape to safety.


Don’t Be A Victim. Be Confident! Be Prepared!

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