The 5 Things You Don’t Have To Give Up To Save Money


Saving money doesn’t have to mean giving things up, it’s about being savvy and prioritizing what you want and what you need while looking for smart alternatives. So you can budget, put away for your retirement and still enjoy that morning latte or take your dream trip to Italy.


 Your Workout

A gym membership is not a necessity to be healthy! We have the ability to workout at home, use free online classes or complimentary local workouts offered through your city’s community centres.  Maintaining your health doesn’t have to cost money – go for walk, ride a bike or head to the park. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator, small things will make a difference to your over all health.

The Caffeine Fix

Most of us have a daily caffeine fix and tend to purchase our coffee on-the-go from coffee shops, there is no problem drinking lattes but at $5 a cup the cost can really add up. Why not brew your coffee at home, invest in a coffee machine like Nespresso for your kitchen or coordinate with your co-workers and purchase a coffee machine for the office.

Those ATM Fees

Your hard earned dollars are just being wasted when you pay ATM fees. All that money could be saved, invested in your retirement fund or help send you on that Italian vacation. While the convenience of using any old ATM machine may make your life easier, planning ahead to know where the locations are of your bank’s machines and using those will keep your money in your pocket. Don’t pay those unnecessary ATM fees, open a bank account with a bank that doesn’t charge ATM fees or always use your card at your banks machines.

The Movie Night

Do you love the experience of watching a new movie in the theatre? Saving money or not, there are always ways to have the big screen experience if you are smart about it. Try to see the movies during matinee times and skip the ridiculously expensive popcorn and soda at the concession stand. Buying tickets ahead online and certain club memberships can also help you save dollars off your ticket prices.

Your Vacation Time

Everyone needs some time away to relax, so your annual vacation is a necessity isn’t? There are significant savings to be had by simply choosing to holiday during the non-peak time of year at your destination. Use a credit card that allows you to collect points that you can convert into airline miles, depending on how smart you are with this process, you maybe able to almost have your flights for free. You could also consider house swaps or a bed and breakfast option, these can be a wonderful choices when travelling in some parts of Europe as you can become completely immersed in the culture.

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