New Life, Spring Into Summer


As I shared in my last article, I am in love with the concept of New Life, Within Life. Our lives in entirety consist of millions of New Lives on every level of our existence.

New Life is everywhere. Especially being Spring, it is all around us, in the most obvious ways. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, flowers, gardens are blooming, more people walk around on the streets. Everywhere we look and go, it is more and more of new life that we find. Flowers, nature, new colours, new fashions, new haircuts, more people on the streets. It is all inviting us to open, move and expand.

We are individually feeling the need for releasing extra weight and energy in our lives. We feel relieved to leave the extra covers and clothes at home. We easily wave away the darkness of the cold of winter weather. We are eager to set out to release the extra weight that miraculously accumulated most likely between the knees and ribcage area. We are yearning to open our lives, ourselves up, be lighter, and move; toward fresh new experiences.

This brings me to the most dreaded, yet, likely the most potent source of constant new life-flow, if we properly set it up and utilize it. It is our home base. Clearing, cleaning and reorganizing our home, is the most powerful way to refresh our lives entirely; to create and invite in new life on an ongoing basis.

Spring is the perfect time to commit to opening all the doors, windows, curtains, and let the light in. See all of what is there, and commit to go through it all. Room by room, item by item. From start to finish.

So how do we do this? I will share a few easy, doable steps that will tremendously help you simplify things, to ensure you get it all done.

  • Get your calendar out and a marker, and block-off a non-negotiable date, number of days and time a specific date, (the long weekend in June) you commit to, to get this work done. Give yourself a few days with a deadline to sort through everything, and be done with it.
  • Do it all at once. Instead of doing it little by little, like an afternoon a weekend, over the summer, and torturing yourself, suck it up, go big and get it all done in one big swoop. Block-off the non-negotiable date, number of days and time, to revamp your living space.
  • Make it professional. It is faster and more fun with people around. You can hire professional organizers if you feel you need a BIG change. It is also faster and more focused this way. For the pro’s this is a job, non-personal, their time is money, which will allow you to stay focused and not pause too long over aunt Daisy’s robe you kept from that Christmas 23 years ago, you can’t part from. While this can be a significant investment, you will be even more inspired to complete this task and proud to have done so.
  • Make it social. Involve your kids, family, friends and make it a social run of reminiscing together. Order some great food in, or entrust a cooking few, and make it a social event to remember. Do return the favour when asked in the future.
  • Go solo. If you decide to take this work on, on your own, there are ton of great tools that can help. Like magazines, books, YouTube, and Dr Google never fails to deliver to help you make an action plan perfect for you.
  • Freestyle it. Get some garbage bags and some great tunes; get at it and do not come up until it is all done. Immediately remove the bags filled with disposables from your house.
  • Leave it for next year. Abraham Hicks has a great line, ‘you will never get it done, and you will never get it wrong.’ This means, whatever you do, it will be right, and no worries, the stuff will wait for you to get it down whenever you are ready.

I hope this idea of bringing new life into your home has inspired you to tackle places and spaces you forgot existed in your home. No matter how small, or little the effort you are able and willing to invest, once you do, you will create space for new life to move in, and inspire many more new beginnings to start to sprout.

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