5 Easy Ways To Declutter That Take No Time At All


  •  A Give Away Basket 

Keep in hall or closet every time you open a drawer and see something you no longer need, or try something on and it doesn’t fit right, or see something on a shelf that you no longer love seeing, or trip over an item again… toss it in the basket. At the end of each month, drop off items to a thrift shop.

  • Clean Up Your Counters

Take a look at your counters – what is cluttering it up? Remove everything, wipe the counter and only put back items that are necessary or bring you joy when you see them. Anything that doesn’t belong – give them a “home” or toss in the Give Away Basket.

  •  The 5 Minute Find 

Set the timer and have every family member open a drawer, cupboard, closet, or go to their rooms find items to Edit, Purge and Donate! The fewer items you have the easier it is to tidy up!

  • Put Things Where They Belong 

Make a habit of putting things where they “go” the first time. Not just for a minute…I’ll put it away later…on the dining room table, not on the chair in your bedroom, not on the counter…when you are finished with something simply put it back where it belongs.

  • Make Use Of Waiting Time 

While you are on hold, clean out your medicine cabinet or junk drawer. Waiting at the doctors, dentist office or hair dresser? They have a garbage can – clean out the receipts and garbage in your purse or wallet.


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