Sun Protection In Summer And Winter


Everyone knows that we need to use sun protection in the summer months. In many countries, the extreme summer heat is enough of a reminder to slap on that sunscreen before you leave the house but in less extreme environments, we can easily take the sun’s intensity for granted….. and then what about Winter? There are many of us don’t use sun protection at all!

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun not only has the potential to cause skin cancers but it prematurely ages the skin by degrading the Collagen and Elastin fibres that keep our skin strong and firm. Without sufficient amounts of healthy Collagen and Elastin our skin becomes saggy, wrinkled and rough. UV radiation also causes dark, brown, pigmentation to appear in the form of ‘Age Spots’, Melasma or Hyperpigmenation and Capillaries dilate and break, looking like purply, red threads on the surface of the skin. Altogether… not a good look.

Ultraviolet radiation comes in 3 forms… UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC rays are entirely absorbed by the Ozone layer but some of the UVB (about 1-10%) and and about 90%-99% of the UVA reaches the surface of the earth.

UVB radiation damages the skin more quickly than UVA. When we see sunburn on our skin, this is mainly due to the UVB rays because it tends to effect mainly the surface of the skin . UVB damages the DNA of skin cells and is the main cause for skin cancers. On the other hand, UVA penetrates the skin more deeply and for this reason, can cause damage without you even realising it. You won’t necessarily see the burn but deep down in the skin, the UVA is reeking havoc.

The intensity of UVB radiation does vary throughout the year however UVA is pretty consistent so sun protection should be worn year round… and that means in winter too! UV radiation can get through cloud, haze and fog… actually up to 80% can penetrate through clouds and, an interesting fact… snow reflects UV radiation more than water or beach sand!

So don’t be fooled by cloudy, cooler or snowy weather. Wear you sunscreen everyday. It’s easy these days with so many different brands and types of sunscreens to choose from. And for women in particularly, the addition of sun protection to many of our favourite cosmetics such as foundations, mineral powders and BB creams means that there is absolute no excuse for not protecting your skin.


Fleur De Mer SPF 50 Sunblock Is My Favourite Because They Come In A Tinted Version Which You Can Wear As Foundation, I Even Wear Mine At Night When I Go Out.

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