The 4 Essential Vitamins In Your Skincare Regime

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We all know that Vitamins are an essential part of a healthy diet but did you also know that applying them directly onto your skin can transform your skin for the better. For the vitamins to be effective and to see results, they need to have a high concentration, simply – they need be named in the top to middle of the listed ingredients.

Vitamin A

Helps reduce the first signs of ageing, it will lighten the small brown spots that appear on our face and hands while improving our skin’s texture, found in night cream and usually listed as Retinol in the ingredients.

Vitamin C

Eliminates free radicals responsible for skin inflammations, among which are those dreaded pimples. Just like Vitamin A, Vitamin C  helps even out skin discolouration.

Vitamin E

Helps to keep our skin moisturized and hydrated for longer while also protecting skin from exposure to UV rays, contained in lotions and moisturizers – look for Vitamin E in your sunscreen.

Vitamin K

This fantastic ingredient is for those of us which suffer from having very dark under-eye circles. Mixed with Retinoids that are derived from Vitamin A,  it lightens and improves the appearance of the delicate skin under our eyes.

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