How To Care For Your Bath Towels


Nothing is nicer than wrapping yourself in a fluffy sweet smelling towel after your bath. Not caring for your bath towels properly can leave them looking drab and dingy also smelling bad and giving off a mouldy odour. Towels will mildew quickly and are vulnerable to bacterial growth unless they dry completely, always hang your towels out on a towel rail to dry after each use.

Towels are exposed to oil, dirt and germs. Wash your towels in warm water with laundry detergent – but use a little less detergent than suggested. Only white towels should be washed in hot water, coloured towels will fade if constantly washed in hot water. To brighten white towels or remove stains, take care not to use chlorine bleach but try gentler oxygen-powered lighteners instead. Try to avoid fabric softeners as they contain silicon that will coat the fibres leaving a waxy layer and make the towels repel water which compromises the washing and cleaning process. If you love the smell of a fabric softener, use scented linen water instead. To soften your towels, use 1 cup of white vinegar about every 6 weeks. Wash the towels on a regular washing cycle then again with the vinegar instead of detergent, when towels are crunchy and aren’t soft it’s because they have detergent left in the fabric fibres, the vinegar removes any excess detergent which will improve the towels texture and absorbency. Always remove your wet newly washed towels promptly from the washing machine for a thorough drying  – line drying in direct sunlight is best but if that isn’t option….. Don’t dry your towels in the dryer on the highest setting or you will burn the towel fibers and destroy any decorative edging which will shrink and curl, choose the towel setting and if possible dial it down a little.


  • Wash your towels prior to using them for the first time to remove germs and finishing silicones to make them more absorbent.
  • Wash your bath towels in warm water at the minimum of once a week – I wash mine at least twice a week.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine – don’t cram too many towels in at the same time as the water and detergent need to be able surround and move freely.

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