My 4 Essential House Plants


Prayer Plant

Stunning Green Patterned Leaves, They Love A Humid Enviroment Which Makes Them Perfect For Bathrooms But Out Of Direct Sunlight, Make Sure To Keep The Soil Moist But Not Soggy.



Succulents Come In All Types Of Colours And Shapes, Needing At Least 6 Hours Of Bright Sunlight Per Day, They Love Water But The Soil Has To Dry Out Before The Next Watering.


Calla Lily

Timeless Blooms And Green Foliage, Place In Bright Indirect Sunlight With Soil Being Kept Moist.



With Pretty And Delicate Petals, They Require Sunlit Rooms But Not Much Water, One Slowly Melted Ice Cube A Week Is Normally Suffice – Do Not Let Your Plants Sit In ExcessWater.

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