Being Vigilant

Personal safety is something one must be aware of on a daily basis. There are dangers all around us on a daily basis. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. For women, being vigilant is an intrinsic part of life. Women will often avoid being alone in certain areas or at certain times for their own safety.

This is often accompanied by a feeling that something is not right. It is important not to ignore those instincts. Trust your feelings, they are there to help you. Most often there are warning signs, or an ’off’ feeling letting you know that something is not as it should be.

However many of us ignore those feelings or brush them off as unimportant. Often this is what leads to trouble. Sometimes, even the most vigilant person can be caught unaware. Anyone can be caught in a situation where you need to defend yourself.

Today I am demonstrating a self-defence technique if you are knocked to the ground being choked. There are several things that are happening in each picture.


Step 1

• Don’t panic – easier said than done.
• Tense your neck and tuck your chin to your chest to conserve what air you have.
• Be sure to plant both feet on the ground.


Step 2

• Bring your two hands together in prayer position under your attackers arms.
• Be sure to keep your chin tucked.


Step 3

• At the same time thrust your hips up and shoot your arms up above your head.
• Execute these movements with force to throw the weight of the attacker off your body and remove the hands from your neck.


Step 4

• Quickly before the attacker regains balance, strike the ribs with the palm of your hand as you roll in towards the attacker.


Step 5

• Continue to roll until you are on top.
• You are now free from their grasp.
• Finish with a hammer fist to the groin.
This technique is very simple and effective. The main objective is to quickly escape from the attackers grasp. Not to engage them in combat! Don’t stay to admire your technique….escape is the key! Get up & run to safety.


Don’t Be A Victim!    Be Confident!     Be Prepared!

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