Simple Things To Make You Happier Everyday


During my recent trip to Australia I was reminded that we all need to be cognisant of the mental health choices we make daily, so I’m paring it down to 7 simple ways to be happier each and everyday. I believe these 7 things help me to worry less about those things that do not matter and not to ruminate over situations I cannot change. To expend my energy on my loved ones and those who love me, really see the world around me and being content in my own skin.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I make a conscious effort to drink 8 glasses of water a day, even more during the summer heat. Sometimes when I think I am hungry, it’s actually that I am thirsty and my body is craving hydration with water. I always start and end my day with a glass a water, this has been my habit for several years.

Eat A Big Breakfast Everyday

Eating a big breakfast doesn’t mean over eating, it means making healthy wholesome choices then eating a proper lunch, followed by a light dinner around 7pm, eating early allows my body to digest the food properly before bedtime. This keeps my blood sugar and mood even, giving me more energy throughout the day and less hungry as the day progresses, so I am, far less likely to crave snacks full of sugar and salt.

Listen To Your Heart And Your Head

My aunt told me once “You need to listen to your head instead of your heart”. In hindsight she was absolutely right, it’s necessary to listen to both before you make a decision: are you acting on impulse with your heart or are you taking your time and thinking it through with your head? Take the time and ponder what you’re feeling and why, then make a rational decision.

Eliminate The Toxic People From Your Life

Most of us routinely sort through our belongings and purge all of the items that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. It’s also important to have a “clean out” of the people we surround ourselves with, ask yourself “is this person supportive?” or “does this person build me up or are they honest with me, do they want the best for me?”. It’s more important to spend your time with people who are genuine, lifelong friends rather than to spend your energy on people that don’t have your best interests at heart.

Accept Yourself And Own It

I can say for certain that with aging and self exploration, the last 7 years have been incredibly insightful in terms of self acceptance. The only way to figure out who you are is to spend time with yourself, accept yourself, be content in your own skin and be proud of who you are – idiosyncrasies and all!

Exercise To Boost Your Energy Levels

I knew that this worked, but I would find myself saying, “I’m just too tired to go to the gym or take a walk”. Exercise is one of the most dependable mood-boosters, even a 10-minute walk or stair climb can brighten my outlook. I have made it a habit to “move” for 30 minutes everyday, the purchase and wearing of Fitbit has also made me more accountable, so no fudging how many steps or how much exercise in a day.

Practice Gratitude And Be Selfless

I have personally found this to make a huge difference to my outlook. There are lots of ways to practice gratitude, from keeping a journal of things you’re grateful for or being that helping hand that can often make someone’s day – be that neighbour, family member, or a stranger on the street. Being kind to others, greeting everyone with a smile and simply saying thank you – can make a huge impact on those around you. Always give more than you receive.

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