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Hello Everyone,

This week has been super busy with spring cleaning and organizing both at home and in the studio. I am not sure how so many things accumulate in so little time or where all those particular items come from….. There are now 6 bags of clothing to donate, 1 bag of linen to be delivered to our local veterinary clinic and box of items to be delivered to Wastewise. Did you know there are many vet clinics that rely on donations of clean towels and sheets to wrap injured animals in? Spring cleaning always reminds me to appreciate, even more, the family keepsakes that fill our home which we make part of our daily life. In our case, it’s beautiful family heirloom antique silver pieces and brass candle sticks. I am considering purchasing a couple of new indoor plants for both the studio and our living room, Fiddler Figs seem to be the plant of the moment – you can’t scroll more than a few pictures through Instagram and you come across one. So, I am guessing that I will find myself searching out some new greenery this weekend. Loving the huge Fiddler Fig tree leaves I snapped a photograph of in Brisbane.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx



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