8 Ways To Make Your Look ‘Elegant’


The ‘Elegant’ look is not achieved by spending huge amounts of money or wearing head to toe designer labels, it’s a mix of classically cut garments and a tonal palette. Selecting and styling your garments whilst caring to keep each item looking it’s best is key to creating an ‘Elegant’ aesthetic and a wardrobe that looks effortlessly chic.

Tailoring For The Perfect Fit

A nip and a tuck, there is nothing that says ‘Elegant’ or expensive like a garment that fit your individual body shape. Do your blazer sleeves reach the top of your hand, do your trousers skim the floor or does your waist band ? Can the shirt tuck in without escaping? If not, have them altered to fit. Of course, being a resourceful stylist, slightly oversized garments could be saved with a sleeve roll and a belted waist.

Master Your Iron Or Steamer

If the goal is to look ‘Elegant’, then never leave the house looking a crinkled mess. Cotton should be crisp, silk should weightless, and wool should take its intended shapes effortlessly. Elegance is all about attention to detail, so a classic pressed crease in trouser legs or the sharp fold in a shirt sleeve will always elevate.

Beware Of The Logo

Loving the Louis Vuitton or Givenchy logo on an investment bag is fine, but the minimalist collects designer pieces out of love, not to make others envious. No in-your-face logos and monograms, let classic and quality pieces speak for themselves.

Essential Accessories

A timeless leather bag, a classic timepiece and fine jewellery, carefully curated according to your signature style – these are the essential accessories that elevate every outfit.

Wearing Neutrals

A simple and neutral palette is always ‘Elegant’. Dove greys and almost-whites, paired with contrasting black or navy separates, or worn together in an always-classic head to toe tonal look.


Natural leather rather than patent, washed silks over shiny satin. Texture is important while dressing to have an ‘Elegant” vibe, the right combinations can take a look to the next level, start with denim and cashmere and experiment from there.


It doesn’t matter if your trousers are designer, they will look cheap and nasty with the dreaded VPL. Your oufit needs to built from the foundations up with seamless panties and seam-free brassieres. Showing your brassiere straps or laddered stockings only looks tacky and never ever elegant.

Invest In The Classics

Invest in the classics to wear for years to come, monetary cost and value are very different, your entire wardrobe doesn’t need be filled with designer only clothing. Only choose quality and classic garments that you will want to wear over and over again. It’s those high-quality timeless pieces, which are guaranteed to give the ‘Elegant’ look to the most basic of your ensembles.

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