Spring Has Sprung

The changing of the seasons is something we all look forward to after being housebound with what seems like a never ending winter here in Canada.  Spring is a time of rejuvenation, renewal and change in nature and it’s also the best time to look around your home at the condition of your furniture and decide whether it needs a good cleaning – rejuvenation, a fresh look – renewal or to be replaced – changed.  These tips are my own observations and knowledge from over 20 years of upholstering and repairing furniture, soon to be 14 of those years in Georgetown.


Top 3 Tips For The Care And Cleaning Of Your Upholstery

Whether you have leather, vinyl or fabric on your existing furniture it is absolutely necessary, if you want them to last, to clean them on a regular basis – more so if you have young children and/or pets.

  • Vacuuming is essential to keeping your furniture fresh and relatively clean. Most of us are guilty of eating and drinking while on our furniture and you would be shocked at what ends up in the crevasses and under the cushions over time. I have found a lot of normal and not so normal items while stripping furniture. Every kind of snack food, game pieces, candy wrappers, hair accessories and hair (animal and human), jewellery, silverware and the occasional remote control. Frequent vacuuming will help keep insects (yes I do find bug carcasses) from invading your furniture, Fido from possibly chewing apart a cushion to get at whatever tasty treat he smells and any objects that might have sharp enough edges to cause premature wearing, tears or holes to form if not found for a length of time.
  • Another essential to keep your furniture in the best condition possible is to clean any dirt or accidents (human, animal, food or other) as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining or funky smells from forming. My board ‘Keep It Clean’ on Pinterest has a variety of upholstery care tips if you’re looking for inexpensive DIY natural and non toxic solutions for cleaning/refreshing fabric and leather furniture.
  • Don’t have the time to clean it yourself? Ask family, friends and co-workers if they have ever used and/or recommend a local professional cleaning company for upholstery. Always better to get an honest personal recommendation opposed to online reviews or random flyer special offers. Inquire about the cleaners they use and that are safe for you, your family and animals if you have.

Regardless of how much money you’ve invested in your furniture, regular care and cleaning, will keep your pieces looking and smelling great so you can get the most use and enjoyment out of them for many years!


Update What You Already Own

I receive estimate requests on a fairly regular basis and there’s been a couple occasions over the last few years where people have replied back after receiving an estimate with “I can buy a new piece of furniture cheaper than that” and my response every time is “you can but you get what you pay for”. Having a piece of furniture custom upholstered might end up costing a bit more than you realize depending on what you have and who you have upholster it. If it’s a piece that you love already and has “good bones” then it is worth the investment of having it reupholstered. I can only attest to the quality of my own work and don’t compare myself or price according to other upholsterers. I have my own standards and I refuse to lower my pricing and use cheap materials to “get the job”. I take a lot of pride in my work and only use quality materials and foam that is deemed “green” which is better for your health and our environment. I want your piece to last for as many years as possible! Too much furniture ends up in our landfills as it is because it is made poorly and with cheap materials that do not last. Over the years of upholstering I have encountered a few of what I call “recovered” pieces. This is when an upholsterer (to save time and money) covers over what is already there with minimal padding and new material to make it appear like it has been completely reupholstered with the client being none the wiser. Unless you have x-ray vision you wouldn’t know that you were scammed until many years later when it ends up on my work table and I get the surprise of having to remove two or more layers of fabric! If you are thinking of getting a piece upholstered please do your due diligence and find an upholsterer you trust to transform your furniture into what you want to suit your personal taste and style. Older pieces can be easily updated with some simple styling changes and depending on what fabric you choose you can create your very own “WOW” piece or have it compliment other pieces of furniture you already have. Possibilities are endless with custom upholstery!

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