As the weather gets warmer, more people are starting to think about those summer bodies! There are some really nice gym clothes out there now. And sometimes just a pony tail gets so boring when you’re working out. Here are 5 fun simple ways to spice up your hair for your workout routine!


The Messy Bun

A messy bun is one of the simplest ways to wear your hair to the gym that looks great every time. Some tips to make it look loose but neat and still hold is wrapping it around clockwise and then putting your hair tie in, then you can take your hands to loosen up the edges and the bun a little bit to give it less of a tight look. Lastly hide a couple of bobby pins in it to make sure it is secure enough to handle your workout.


The Braided Pony Tail

A braided pony tail helps make your regular pony look a little more fancy and fun. It also is great to help hide short bangs or baby hairs. Start by doing a small French braid from the front middle of your head about 3 to 4 inches back. You can do either regular or inverted French braid. Next take either a bobby pin to fasten the braid or small clear elastic, then take the rest of your hair and put it up in a high pony and fasten with elastic.


The French Braid

French braids are fun and a great way to hold your hair all day long. You’re going to start with separating a section of the top of your hair into 3 pieces and fold each piece over the other one time. Then going from right to left you will take a section of the remaining hair and add it to the closest piece of already sectioned off hair, then you will take the whole thing and fold it over the sectioned piece next to it so that piece will now be the middle piece. Repeat alternating sides until there is no more hair to grab then braid the rest like normal, fasten with a clear hair tie at end.


The Under Braid Bun

An under braid bun can be done two ways. First way is you can grab a section of the bottom of your hair and split it into 3 and braid it normally about 4 inches up and then fasten with a clear hair tie, then take all of your hair and put it into a regular bun with a hair tie making sure the braid is centered in the back of your head. The second way, is to French braid from the base of your head up about 4 inches and fasten with a clear hair tie then follow the rest of the steps to make your bun. This is a fun way to add something to a regular bun.


The Fancy Headband

If all else fails and you are not in the mood to do anything with your hair fun headbands are always a simple fast way to add some flair to that workout hair!