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Hello Everyone,

We are home!!! Finally after 22 hours of flying and 28 hours door to door, we are home in Canada, to beautiful spring sunshine albeit a little cool temperature wise but I will happily welcome all things of this season. Australia was wonderful, there are couple of posts coming up next week with some photos of our last week in Brisbane, the hardest part of leaving is saying goodbye to family and friends. While visiting Southbank, I couldn’t help but snap a picture of the striking red lanterns during our walk. Growing up, my grandfather had a huge rambling passionfruit vine growing in the backyard, passionfruit is one of all time favourite fruits. I have yet to find somewhere in Canada where I can purchase passionfruit, if anyone has any ideas – can you please let me know…… I am sure that I mentioned before that I have a weakness for Pineapples – the porcelain kind, I fell in love with these stunning bronze pretties at first sight, unfortunately they didn’t come home with me.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie x




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