New Life


This inspiring story was shared with me last Fall, it made me connect to what I believe it means to alive – to be aware and in freedom to create, and be in control of our lives rather than merely existing.

The story was of a couple who’d been married for 25 years, to the date the husband left his body after an unexpected accident. I will call them Jack and Jill. Jack and Jill shared a classic love story, that of the greatest, deepest love known to only a chosen few. While extraordinary, nothing short of challenges, trials; those that would bring them to their knees, so to bring them to their deepest greatest personal evolution.

Jill became a Widower after 25 years. Until the last day of their marriage, after dinner, Jack had the habit of fixing himself a cup of mint herbal tea. Each night, Jack asked his beloved wife, if she’d like some. Her answer was, ‘no;’ every time. Yet each evening, Jack proceeded to ask Jill the same question, as if, for the first time. When, one day, Jill could no longer contain her curiosity, and asked her sweetheart, why he would continue asking her, if she’d like a cup of mint tea? Presuming, he’d known by then, that the answer would be, no. Jack, with delight replied, ‘well, darling, today is a new day. And I thought, perhaps today, you might like some.’

New Day. New Life. Perhaps, you have something in your life, you have been saying no to, that you never examined, and would like to explore? Something you have been saying ‘no’ to, of too long. If so, what may it be for you? New career? More money? Saying yes to love, to you? Living, instead just existing? Move? Travel? Come out of hiding? What IS it for you?

I fell in love with life, the self-renewing nature of life, early–the feeling of being fully alive. Over time; however, I was de-conditioned of this passion and life was built on top of that; so I lost touch for a while. Just like most truths, once you get a glimpse of it, you cannot un-see it and it will always poke at you at the back of your mind, and deepest place of your heart where your greatest desires live. It is forever part of you. The new life, beckoning you.

Yesterday may not have been different from the day before it. And today may also turn out in ways you know well. Today you may still say no to your ‘mint tea.’ Tomorrow; however, when you wake up, you are free to choose differently. In the smallest way, or in a big, huge, grandiose way and start all anew.   You may discover that, what you disregarded for too long, is indeed a door to great joy. You may find that what you had been afraid to claim is still waiting for you in great anticipation. What is your ‘mint tea?’ Where is your new life?

Why not dust the parts of you off that have been rejected and welcome new life? Even if you do not yet believe it possible. Just take that first step; and another, and another, and another. Give it a try. I have seen these first steps taken by my private clients, tiny, even great, big steps at-a-time. Some get scared, run back, and live numbing the whispers of new life, in their hearts. Others though, and that is how I started, remain in motion within the storms of their becoming. The parts of their transformation, where nothing is visible, nor pleasant. Yet the pull is too strong, too good, too addictive and too fated, that they know they HAVE to keep going, to get to the other side, where new life, their life, the one they can live true and free. Happy, authentic and the best version of themselves, living for the very reason why they are here.

I hope you choose new life today, or tomorrow. Or whenever, but that you do, at last, choose it.

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