3 Spring Closet Clean Out Tips


I Love Spring! After a long Canadian winter every closet looks like a hound dogs’ breakfast and needs an overhaul! Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to purge and edit all your closets.

The Linen Closet

  1. Take everything out wipe down and or vacuum out the closet.
  2. Switch out warm Winter for breezy Spring/Summer items.
  3. Heavy Curtains need to be taken down and launded, hung on the line or fluffed in the dryer with clean tennis balls to remove dust – always check labels for care.
  4. Winter weight duvet covers, quilts or wool blankets and throw pillow covers need to be swapped out. Launder or dry-clean before storing into the new cleaned closet.
  5. Towels and sheet sets; only put back the ones that fared well through the long winter. I place flannel sheets in the back and move linen and cotton to the front for easy summer use.
  6. Any towels or linens that I wouldn’t wish a visitor to use; I cut up to use as rags or I donate to a veterinarian hospital as they use so many in emergencies, and in the kennels to keep the animals comfortable. Call and ask to see if your local Vet takes these donations.


The Front Hall / Coat Closet

We have a century home so we have armoires not closets as a result we have to be pretty ruthless about what we keep in there, I only have the current season’s clothes or outerwear in at a time. A constant challenge with two growing kids and the necessary outerwear in Canada! I place the off season clothes and outerwear in clearly marked bins under our beds or on storage shelf in the garage

  1. Take out all coats/boots/hats/mitts etc – EVERYTHING. Vacuum and wipe down shelves and door with a damp cloth.
  2. Take contents out of all coats, zip or button up and launder or dryclean then put away or if you have enough room to keep all seasons in there move to one side. Put off season boots in a bin and store elsewhere.
  3. I store the off season hats, scarves and mitts in a nice box on the top of my armoire for easy access or on the top shelf of the closet. Toss all one – offs, face it, you aren’t ever going to find the other mitt or glove… Anything that you didn’t wear this past season, has seen better days or the kids have out grown put into the giveaway bin. Only put back in the clean closet what you are going to NEED and USE.

A Kim Magic Tip – Anything damaged beyond repair or outgrown that you are going to need for next fall I make a note of on the bottom of my calendar for September so that when the stores have winter boots and snow pants arriving I know what sizes and items I need to buy to be prepared for that first snow fall.


The Clothes Closet

  1. Take everything out of the closet, then wipe and or vacuum the interior of the closet.
  2. Place in piles on the bed or floor – LOVE/KEEP, AMBIVILENT, I REMEMBER WHEN and GIVE AWAY.
  3. Then as you put things back in – assess each item. Is it still in good condition? Does it need repaired? Try things on, anything that no longer fits, works with at least 3 other items, or looks good enough that you wouldn’t mind running into your first love in – toss in Give Away Basket for someone else to enjoy! Also – do you have any extra wire hangers – ask at your dry cleaner to see if they recycle/reuse them.

A Kim Magic Tip – Invite a friend whose honest opinion you trust – try things on, they may even help you put outfits together in ways you hadn’t thought of. Always offer to reciprocate and bring a bottle of wine!

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