6 Things To Do Right Now To Improve Your Personal Safety

Self Defence, is a topic while close to my heart, and not often explored in many publications. Yet personal protection and safety is vital for everyone to have quality of life and peace of mind.

Have you ever felt uneasy with unwanted personal attention? Or gotten a ‘feeling’ about a situation that something is not right? For many women the answer is YES. This gut feeling is so important, but is often ignored. In Martial Arts classes and Self-Defence courses the first thing we tell the participants is to LISTEN and pay attention to those instincts, if something does not feel right; there is something wrong!

For women, there are so many issues surrounding personal safety and self-defence. Travel, workplace and dating to name a few are some of the areas in which women need extra precautions. Over the next few months I am looking forward to exploring some of these issues in depth and demonstrate some basic self-defence techniques for women.

For my first article I am introducing some basic safety measures to help women be safe. So how can a woman protect herself? To be safe, you need to be prepared! BE PREPARED!

Self-Defence Tips

  • Take A Self-Defence Course Or Enroll In Martial Arts Classes

    This will help build confidence and give you some basic self-defence training.

  • Ask At Work If There Are Safety Measures In Place When Leaving Alone At Night?

    Can you park close to the building ? Is there security to escort you to your car or bus stop.

  • Fake It Till You Make It!

    This is a big one! Act confidently. Do not look like a victim or an easy mark.

  • If You Are Attacked, Use Your Voice

    At our Karate School we teach women to yell FIRE – not help. Often yelling help scares others into running away, but yelling Fire makes them come to see where the fire is.

  • Be Ready With Your Keys

    Have your keys in your hand ready to open your car or home. Do not be fumbling with them making you an easy mark.

  • Trust Your Feelings

    The most important point for today, is to trust those inner feelings. We all have them for a reason. Self-defence is no good, if you do not use common sense. One could be an accomplished Martial Artist, yet ignore those instincts and easily become a victim.

Don’t Be A Victim.  Be Confident.  Be Prepared!

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