House Guest Etiquette


When travelling, being able to stay with family and friends is much more fun than a hotel, but being a dream house guest can be a little challenging.

Always Bring A Gift

Arrive with something special or thoughtful for your host. Handmade chocolates, scented candles or a handcrafted cheese board are all excellent options but if in doubt, a bottle of wine is a great no fail gift.

Respect The House Rules

To avoid offending your hosts, ask for a ‘tour’ around the house. Become familiar with the simple things – whether you should take off your shoes at the door, can you place the silverware in the dishwasher, and how does the washing machine and or dishwasher work.

Your goal should be to cause as little disruption as possible, speak with your host about things like when they usually rise in the morning and go to bed at night.

Do Pack A Robe

You may have to walk down the hall to the bathroom or want to go to breakfast wearing one, if it’s acceptable in the house you are visiting.

Help Out

You should cook a meal, lay the table and wash the dishes. Occupying the kids while Mum and Dad take a nap or take the dog for a walk will make you very popular.

Purchase And Bring Your Own

Toiletries and groceries, this is not a hotel but your host’s home, so visit the nearest supermarket and wine store.

Leave No Trace

Leave your host’s home as clean as possible when you go, you do not want your host to consider having to hire a cleaner after your stay.

Before departing, check the bedroom and bathroom for your all of your belongings, strip the linen from the bed placing sheets in a pillowcase either at the foot of the bed or the laundry room.

Clean the counters in the bathroom for toothpaste, hair or any remnants of your use.

Ensure your dishes are washed and return all items to their place – like the book you removed from the bookcase and anything you might have borrowed to it’s original position.

Thank Your Host

Thank your host when you arrive verbally and with a small gift, when you are leaving with a parting present and once more after you have returned home with a personalized thank you note – make it a handwritten note, an e-mail will just not do.

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