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Hello Everyone,

With snow falling almost all of this week, my backyard is looking like a winter wonderland yet again, but today and tomorrow are forecasted to be very windy so the the gorgeous snow drifts upon all the branches will soon disappear.

With Spring and Easter only a month away, I am looking forward to saying hello to the season of renewal. I must definitely have Spring on the brain as everywhere I look, I see cute little reminders of the coming season.

We have a DIY home project to take care of this weekend, my very capable hands-on husband, decided a few weeks ago to demolish our kitchen pantry. The pantry was built in under our switchback staircase but it was only the first 2 feet and then walled up with shelving across, while adequate, I had mentioned one day – “I wish the pantry was deeper and I could access that wasted space behind the wall and utilize all the area under the staircase”. Well, hey Presto – I came in from the studio one Saturday to find the pantry gutted, the contents sitting in our dining room and a large open space under the stairs in dire need of new dry wall, new timber flooring and lots and lots of shelving!! So the plan this weekend is to finish this project and reclaim the dining room……. I did say the plan, people…..the plan!

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx




Super Sweet Wall Hooks From Zone Maison

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