Sensitive Skin Winter Favourites


Whenever I mention that I am heading to Australia during the Canadian winter, I am always told “Lucky you!” or asked “How wonderful, how warm will it be?”  I love going back to the warmth and sunshine and I also love stocking up on a few long time skincare favourites.

I have faithfully used Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Mask for almost 20 years, while the winter in Australia is not even close to the severity of the cold temperatures in Canada this product is amazing on my extremely sensitive skin. Used twice weekly my skin remains hydrated, soft and dewy. I love the Jurlique story and the absence of chemicals and fillers in the formulations. Jurlique ship internationally but not to Canada, recently a small range of Jurlique products became available to purchase at selected Sephora and Whole Foods stores in Canada but I always purchase the products in Australia as they are surprisingly less expensive. Just something to note – most items in Australia from food to cars and everything in between are more expensive to purchase than in North America.

Grown Alchemist Botanical Beauty is a saviour for my skin, being extremely sensitive means that I have reactions to certain chemical compounds, causing anything from red and itchy to flakey lumps. The products are organic and free of all the chemicals which cause irritations for my skin. Every 12 weeks or so, I shake up my routine with a lovely Ole Henriksen cleanser but the Grown gel facial cleanser is my staple and it works so well with my Clarisonic – which is used everyday as part of my skincare routine. I love my Clarisonic!!, I highly recommend this skin tool to anyone, no matter your age or skin condition. The Grown toner is light and refreshing perfect all different climates, my skin feels soft and smooth not tight and taunt which has been my experience with some other toners. Grown does ship to Canada but I find buying the products when I am in Australia a much more budget friendly option for me.

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