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HvR ONE ~ Saving The Earth One Chair At A Time

When Grandma’s dining chairs no longer suit your décor and it’s time to update what do you do with them? Stick them in the basement and wait for that first spring day that you can have a garage sale and hope that someone will buy them? Or do you try a local buy and sell site and pray that someone will message you that they would LOVE to take those vintage chairs with the faded and stained pink velour off your hands. Or do you take them to Wastewise but they aren’t taking any more chairs right now?

Unfortunately in today’s disposable society they will probably end up on the side of the road out for Bulk Waste because the effort of finding someone else to take them is outweighed by the ease of putting them at the curb with the thought that someone might pass by and take them before the garbage truck does. Out of sight out of mind right? Well that is how HvR ONE ~ Recycled Designs was born.

I started HvR ONE  – which are my initials and ONE for “one” of a kind, because I don’t want to see those pieces end up in landfill.

With some creativity and my passion for the environment I create “one” of a kind pieces using more eco friendly materials that helps reduce the impact on our environment and leaves less of an environmental footprint. This truly is a labour of love!

I see the potential in every piece I salvage “one persons trash will soon be a treasure” and can’t wait to see each piece come to life before my eyes…like this pet bed. It was created out of a dining chair that was out for garbage. I received a message from an old schoolmate who sent me a picture of these chairs that were on the curb down the street from her in Brampton.

At the time I was transforming old dining chairs into garden planter chairs and thought they would be great for that project so off to Brampton I went. As you can see I didn’t use the chairs for garden planters and Pinterest has a way of showing me ideas just at the right time to inspire me to create something different and being a huge animal lover this pet bed is that result! This is the first but certainly not the last one I will be creating.

For more furniture recycling ideas follow Hope on Pinterest. There is Hope for your furniture! 🙂

Contact Hope for more information on this pet bed or if you would like one custom made to suit your pet and décor.

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