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Hello Everyone,

Well, what a week….. I am sure you have noticed by now that The Elegant Luxe Life has a new updated look. I sincerely apologize to all of you, we had a few hiccups with the Subscribers feed, which in-turn meant all the extra emails you received to your inbox. With the updated look came a new CMS, which also came with a few challenges to overcome. I hope you are enjoying the new page layout and have scrolled through and learnt more about all our wonderful contributors.

My time at home with my family has been touched by sickness with my daughter contracting a terrible winter virus – fevers of 40 degrees with cough and chest congestion, nursing a sick child is so heartbreaking beacause you just want to instantly take away their pain and you can’t.

It’s only one month and we will be heading to Australia to celebrate Easter with family and friends, I am SO looking forward to the sunshine and warm weather with a visit to the Gold Coast. Until I slip on those sandals and sunhat in beautiful Brisbane to head to the Gold Coast, I guess I will still need the fur wrap with silk scarf and winter handbag for this current Canadian weather.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx



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