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Happy Friday Everyone!!

Well, Valentine’s Day is almost here….. I have to say I always enjoy the lovely homemade treat, single handpicked flower or thoughtful posy of blooms with a simple handmade card or written note over any huge store bought gift. Having a birthday so close to Valentine’s Day usually means that I am blessed with receiving fresh flowers twice within almost a week, I just adore the beautiful roses I was given for my birthday. Heart shaped homemade gluten free sugar cookies for a treat to celebrate on Sunday will be very well received, the recipe will be live next week. Don’t you just love the cute t-shirt from Go To Bed Kids Clothing? And for all the traditionalists out there – red lingerie, chocolates and roses for Sunday celebrations. After having some warmer double digit weather lately the temperatures are meant to plummet over the weekend, so stay warm and bundled up.

Enjoy your weekend,

Leonie xx


Go To Bed Kids Clothing J’AiME MAMAN T-Shirt


Pleasure State Red Brassiere And Handmade Patrick Hay Chocolates

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