Get To Know Your Skin

The key to being able to choose the correct products and treatments, it’s confusing, I know! There are so many skin care products and strange sounding skin treatments out there to choose from that one may easily become paralysed and do nothing at all. Like the brain freeze we get when you put too much ice-cream in your mouth… even I, the Beauty Therapist, can feel frozen with choice.

So, when my brain has been dazzled by all the glitz, glamour and often unrealistic promises made by skin care companies offering miracles in a jar… I take a deep breath in…. make a slow exhale… and head straight for Baskin Robins☺ Nah… Just kidding! But, skin care should not be complicated. Like Baskin Robins, even though they offer 21 flavours, I know that I am a ‘chocolate girl’… so that wipes at least 15 flavours right off my choice list. Same with skin care. The key to being able to choose the correct products and treatments is ‘knowing your skin type’.

You probably already have a notion of what type of skin you have, be it oily, dry, sun damaged… etc., etc., but take the time to go and have a professional Aesthetician analysed your skin. What you think your skin may be, might actually just be the result of not using the appropriate skin care and or treatments.

For example, you might think you have a dry skin… but actually you have a sensitive skin that is reacting to using the wrong skin care. Or, you may think you have an oily skin and be buying all the best products for oily skin BUT… actually you may have a combination skin and the incorrect products you are using is causing your skin to over produce oil. See what I mean. So get your skin professionally analysed!

The good news is that many professional Beauty Salons offer free skin consultations. Go ahead and book yourself in! Professional Aestheticians have the knowledge and equipment to correctly analyse your skin. Some even use computerised cameras to show you the underlying condition of your skin… beyond what you see and feel on the surface.

Finally, consider what your Aesthetician is recommending you use on your skin. Buying off the super market shelf is NOT “just as good” as using salon products. Off the shelf products are mass produced with very low doses of the important ingredients that make salon products so effective. This is done to lower the risk of a consumer getting an adverse reaction due to incorrect product choice. Buying skin care from a professional Aesthetician who has taken the time to closely look at and analyse your skin will always be far more beneficial and cost effective than randomly buying supermarket skin care that is doing nothing for your skin.

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