Online Training – The New Trend!


More And More We Are Hearing About Online Coaching / Training.

Now this concept to some doesn’t make sense but actually it makes a lot of sense!

Hear me out….

The Benefits

1. You can work out when and where you want without stressing over keeping appointments with someone. The worse thing ever is feeling bad about not being able to keep workout appointments. This will also create inconsistency and make you feel bad about your journey.

2. You save money. This savings can go towards supplements and nutrition.

3. It gives you individual attention. Often if you don’t want to go with one on one training, you will search the internet. This gets you cookie cutter programs and advice that may not work for you!

4. You still get great support and accountability! Maybe even more than one on one! For instance with my online training programs you get an app that has your workouts, meal plans and enables you to track your workouts and progress. You have direct access to me via app or email which really helps keep you on track. The app also sends you daily, friendly reminders about your scheduled workouts!

5. You can train with a trainer that inspires you anywhere in the world! Have you always wanted to train with someone you follow on social media but they live in a different city or country!? Then online training, if they offer it, is a great option.

As you can see the benefits of online training can very much work in your favor! Our lives are busy and full of obstacles. We want to get in shape and be healthy but don’t know where to start! Not everyone can budget in the expense of one on one training. This is where online training is so fabulous! You get all your programs, nutrition, support and motivation without the hassles that can occur trying to do it on your own. One on one training is great for those who need the appointments to workout but if motivation isn’t the problem but timing is, then you end up creating inconsistency which isn’t a good feeling.

When choosing an online trainer you need to look for a few things before clicking buy! Not every trainer or program is the same nor will they all work for you! Being aware of what to look for will save you a huge headache later on!


Here are a few tips when looking for an online coach

1. Their experience and education is key! Just like choosing a one on one trainer. Always check out their about page. Make sure they are certified and that they have the credentials you are looking for.

2. Check out their success stories. Are there any? If others are succeeding than you know what they are doing works for a variety of body types. This is also very motivating!

3. Ask questions! Make sure that you vibe! Sounds cliché but it makes a big difference! If you have a good rapport and how they describe their services clicks with you, you will definitely have way more success.

4. Check out their social media, google them! The World Wide Web tells all! You want to make sure you are not getting yourself into something that makes you feel like you wasted your money.

5. Are the programs customized or cookie cutter? You definitely want to have a plan that is made for you and not something made for the average person. We aren’t average! Customized programs get you results!

6. Do they offer extras like an app or eBook? This is a big advantage for you! Apps allow you to see pictures of the exercises so you know exactly what to do in good form. Extras like eBooks or manuals give you more knowledge and knowledge is power.

7. When describing their services are they giving you a description of phases and steps through your training? A good workout plan is done in phases. Programs need to be changed every 4 weeks in order to see constant results.

8. Do they offer skype or facetime assessments? This is also something that is truly beneficial to you. For instance, if I don’t know how you move or where your limitations are, it is hard for me to program for your individual needs. Here is a description of what a movement screen and posture assessment does for you.

When considering online personal training, the one thing that goes through someone’s mind is do I have what it takes to do this on my own? Remember if you get the right coach you won’t be doing it on your own! Online training can be very supportive, motivating and result orientated with the right coach!

I suggest writing down what your goals are. Then write down some challenges that may occur trying to obtain them. Do some problem solving: how can I over these obstacles? What works for me and my lifestyle to obtain these goals? Now that you have this information, ask some potential online coaches questions. Tell them a couple of obstacles and ask them what they suggest. Does their answer make sense to you? Did you feel inspired or motivated by their answer? If so then that will make a huge difference for you moving forward.

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