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Hello Everyone,

My week, I am not really sure where to start except that each day was filled with activity and a later than normal bedtime, I am very much looking forward to the weekend and maybe there might a chance of taking a nap. Italy has been on my mind lately and the possibility of a short summer vacation there this year, not that I can see anywhere in calendar to stencil a trip in, but one can live in hope can’t they? Since moving to Canada, hydrangeas have become one of my favourite flowers, disclaimer alert – my list of favourite flowers is lengthy and rather eclectic. White hydrangeas, my all time everyday perfume and a statement necklace is my idea of brightening up my week. I decided to pick up my pencils again and attempt some sketches, sometimes a photo isn’t quite right while a hand drawn illustration can convey more feeling. Who knew that Crayola crayons were great for shading??

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx



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