L’OCCITANE Almond Bath And Body Care


These gorgeous products were in my Secret Santa gift that I received at Christmas …… I have purchased and used L’OCCITANE products over the years but never this Almond Body Care series. Being Winter in Canada at the moment, my skin, despite constant care still becomes dehydrated easily. I was looking forward to trying these products as they all receive great reviews in the media.

Cleansing And Softening Almond Shower Oil

I have used facial cleansing oils before but never all over body shower oil so I was a little nervous but I was pleasantly surprised.
This oil lightly lathers – a little bit goes a long way, leaving my skin super soft, with a glow and hydrated. I even used the oil in my bubble bath. The fragrance is just lovely, it was pure bliss to use and soak in.

Delicious Body Soap With Flaked Almonds

This exfoliating body soap was a pleasure to use, the fragrance as with all this line, is just beautiful. My skin was smoother and softer after just the first use.

Almond Milk Concentrate

The cream has a texture between a gel and a cream yet feels light and silky. I have sensitive skin, I found it to be a subtle kind of body cream that is really soothing on my skin after my shower, making my skin feel dewy and nourished. The scent which reminds me a mix of vanilla, honey and almond milk.

Delicious Hands Almond Cream

With a light creamy texture this hand cream isn’t greasy, it absorbs easily, leaving my cuticles and the skin on my hands feeling soft and supple. I used this cream in the mornings but I felt it wasn’t heavy enough for night time use. I would absolutely purchase the Cleansing And Softening Almond Shower Oil and the Almond Milk Concentrate myself, I am loving using these body products, they feel and smell luxurious. These products are definitely worth trying.

Leonie x

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