I Know How She Does It

‘How Successful Women Make The Most Of Their Time’

Written By Laura Vanderkam

Do you struggle to balance the demands of a successful career with quality time with family and friends, your hobbies, and even a decent night’s sleep?
In ‘I Know How She Does It’ time management expert Laura Vanderkam reveals the surprising statregies you can use to spend more time on the things you enjoy. By following her advice, you will be able to work less,sleep more, enjoy date nights, go to the gym and socialize.
Using hundreds of examples from the lives of real women, Vanderkam will show you how to rethink the hours of your week – and build a life that works for you.

This book is a great read, if you have an analytical personality, are conflicted with juggling your career with the responsibility of parenting and feeling guilty that you aren’t getting that work/life balance right. What is quality time? And how much is the right amount and when are you able to carve out that time?

In my situation, working full-time from home with a small child is challenging and rewarding all at the same time….

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to ‘To Live Each Day With Intention’ so when I saw this book I decided that the Universe was attempting to tell me something…… I just had to take the hint.

I am a self confessed planner – wall, desk and electronic calendars all have their place in my life. The many time-logs featured in the book are an interesting concept, and I was all over the idea. I think, I have like many people have fallen into the habit of believing I am busy 24/7 and never have a spare minute so the after perusing the time logs I decided to give it a try. I logged my time for 3 weeks – one of those being that crazy week of travel over the holidays. Whilst all that travel doesn’t happen once a month, it does happen for me once every 12 weeks so in my world I need to plan, prioritize and strategize time for that travel. I have to admit I felt a bit frustrated at times keeping the log updated, but for me it was well worth the exercise.

Our contributing Yogi Amanda Denton told me once that “You can be busy or you can be effective, but not both at the same time” These are the words spoken by a powerhouse of a woman – Amanda is a Yogi – teaching in her own studio, the creator of Go To Bed Kids Clothing – an online kids clothing boutique, whilst running her own fishing business and being a wife and mother of 2.

I can completely identify with Amanda words…..

As the saying goes – No one gets to their deathbed and wishes they would have worked more!

I completely believe “You really can have a fulfilling career and delightful family life, but be thoughtful and careful about how you choose to proportion each with emphasis on giving quality, not quantity.”

While this book is slanted to ‘Career Women Earning 6 Figure Salaries With Children’ I’m not going to criticize the book for not exactly fitting my life and income situation, I also personally disagreed with some of the comments made by some of the study participants. I felt they were disparaging to women that only worked in the home as I believe that being a mother is one of the greatest gifts that can be bestowed on any woman. There were lessons to be learnt about how to spend my time effectively and how I can fit in all the things I want while creating a fulfilling life that works for me and my family, to be intentional with my time and really pay attention to when I do things. In the last pages of her book – Laura talks about joy, slowing down, being adaptive and managing to “do it all” in fewer hours, and live and experience balance in both work and family life.

So, read this book if you are open to looking for a way to recognize time opportunities that you might be missing and utilize some practical and valuable strategies.

Happy Reading,

Leonie x

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