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Hello Everyone,

This first week back in the studio for 2016 was fun, exhilarating to hang the almost fully slated 2016 calendar on the wall, while interesting to make my family/work life balance happen….. Oh and all the snow! Snow everywhere outside!

My daughter is 2.5 years old now and really loves being in ‘Mummy Studio’ because of all the ‘special markers, the good paper and pink ribbon supplies’, I do think it also has a lot to with the ‘big girl’ chocolate cookies and the sparkly juice in the studio fridge! The only issue is that there isn’t a lot of productivity when she comes to visit but one of my New Year’s resolutions was to enjoy this season of my life and that means enjoying ALL the moments.

I needed some living nature inside along with the winter themed decor, I love lilies especially a Calla or Arum lily. I have never decorated for Winter before but I found myself leaving some of what I have always considered ‘Christmas Decor’ out on display – I think looking at all those beautiful Instagram photos people post on decor is having an affect. My plan this weekend it try out those wonderful L’Occitane products that I received as a Christmas gift and to think about how I am going to convince Adrian from Australian Rescued Timbers to ship me that gorgeous hand made timber potpourri bowl all the way from Brisbane Australia to Toronto Canada……wish me luck.

Enjoy your weekend,

Leonie xx

the-elegant-luxe-life potpurri-bowl

Timber Potpourri Bowl From Australian Rescued Timbers


Can’t Wait To Try These Wonderful L’Occitane Products


Winter Decor

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