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Mint Boutique have carried Michelle Ross for as long as I can remember. Michelle is a lovely and extremely talented artist, and a Canadian, we love to support Canadian artists and designers. These brass bracelets are an absolute Mint favourite and we recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for a gift idea.


Krista Norris is another Canadian designer. We saw her scarves when she attended an event and we knew Mint Boutique just had to have them. These infinity scarves have a slit half way up the seam that creates a wingtip effect, making this piece multi-functional. Wear it as a scarf or a shawl, either way it looks great.


These dream catchers are also Canadian – I’m seeing a theme!  Monague Native Crafts is a 100% Native owned company and their products are all handmade. The dream catchers are a new addition to Mint Boutique and we could not be happier.  Every dream catcher has an individual story and meaning and we love watching people identify with each different one. You can buy one for yourself and also another for a loved one.


We have been expanded our mens section at Mint Boutique and these cufflinks are a perfect addition and have cufflinks representing every major Toronto sports team as well as some unique designs. The boxes that these cufflinks come in are absolutely fabulous.  


MZ Wallace bags are an absolute staple here at Mint Boutique. We have carried these lightweight, teflon coated nylon beauties since we opened. Practical while being extremely stylish we love them!  MZ Wallace offers a ton of different styles as well as an array of new colours and patterns every single season. 

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