Tasty Turnip Soufflé



The Day Before

Peel And Chop 1 Whole Turnip

Cook Until Tender

Drain Well, Then Mash

Refrigerate In A Casserole Dish, Covered With Clear Wrap

The Next Morning

Beat 3 Egg Whites Until Stiff

Into The Mashed Turnip, Stir In 3 Egg Yolks

Add A Generous Portion Of Butter – 2 To 3 Tablespoons

Add 1/4 Cup Of Brown Sugar Or 1/4 Cup Of Pure Maple Syrup

Fold In Egg Whites


For Mealtime

Bake The Casserole, Uncovered For 1 Hour At 350 Degrees Fahrenheit

Garnish With Green Onion

This Always Becomes A Favourite For Those Who Have NEVER CARED For Turnip!

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