Cranberry Pistachio Marble Bark




6 Squares Bittersweet Chocolate

6 Squares White Chocolate

1/2 Cup Of Toasted Pistachio Nuts

1/2 Cup Of Dried Cranberries


Chop The Chocolate And Place Into Separate Bowls.

Set The Bowls Over Pots Of Hot Water And Stir Until The Chocolate Is About 1/3 Melted.

Remove The Bowls From The Hot Water, Continuing To Stir, Until Melted.

Stir Half Of The Nuts And Fruit Into Each Bowl.

Onto A Baking Sheet Lined With Parchment, Drop Spoonfuls Of The Mixture, Alternating The White And Dark Chocolate.

Using The Tip Of A Knife, Draw The White And Dark Chocolate Together To Give A Marbled Effect.

Refrigerate Until Firm.

Break Into Small Pieces And Keep In A Container With A Tight Lid To Keep It Fresh.

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