Travelling And Yoga

I love travelling and do so as often as possible, I enjoy seeing how others live and how they go about their day to day life. When I travel I’m not one to do all the regular tourist attractions. Instead I want to enjoy life like the locals and eat, sip coffee and practice Yoga just like it was my home . I do enjoy the big fancy Yoga studios with all the bright natural light and the signs of a successful studio, but I also love to find a studio that’s on the top floor or an unmarked building. There is something about those old studios with the not to perfect floors and the not so perfect windows that I really enjoy.

When I travel I seek out the unique maybe not so well known or advertised studios – a Google search helps with that.
I am usually walking around the city, and to be honest I’m usually lost. Then I see a person with a yoga mat walking ahead of me, I follow that person and I end up at the studio I’m looking for but would never find on my own. I love seeing all the students interacting with each other, it’s like I’m viewing all the action from the outside looking in.

As a teacher I am very used to teaching one style and I tend to only want to practice that style so when I travel I make an effort to attend classes that are different than I am used to. It’s great to try something new and different without judgment. Be sure to check out studios on line before you travel and don’t be shy to attend a class you may not be so accustomed to. You will be surprised how it can expand your practice or at least open your eyes to all the different styles of Yoga. Just recently I was in Boston and I practiced at Back Bay Yoga and I would go back for sure. Everyone was so friendly and the class was one of the best I have ever attended, the teacher taught as though she knew each and everyone of us and was very thorough in her teaching. On this latest trip I also took my first Barre class at Flywheel Sports, it was lots of fun and very interesting learning different techniques.


My First Barre Class At Flywheel Sports Boston 

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