5 Steps To Eliminating Indigestion

Calm Your Mind Before You Eat

  • Don’t Eat If You Are Upset Or Stressed, Your Digestion Will Be Impaired.
  • Incorporate Some Meditation, Relaxation And Mindfulness Into Your Day And Into Your Meals.
  • Your Tummy Will Thank You For It.

Change Up Your Diet

  • Eat More Fibre And Protein
  • Fresh Or Lightly Steamed Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Lean Cuts of Meat And Poultry
  • Fish
  • Lentils And Legumes (If Tolerated)
  • Eat Less Simple Carbohydrates, Cut The White Sugar, White Flour And White Rice.
  • Take A Break From Spicy, Processed And Refined Foods, Alcohol, Caffeine And Nicotine As They Wreak Havoc With Your Gut.

Eat Smaller More Frequent Meals

Lighten The Load On Your Digestive System – Eating Smaller Meals Frequently Are Far Easier For Your Body To Digest Properly.

Check Out Food Sensitivities Or Allergies

Undiagnosed, They Could Be Causing Or At Least Contributing To The Problem. Try Eliminating The Offending Foods For A Couple Of Weeks, Slowly Reintroduce Them And Watch Closely To See If The Symptoms Return. If You Are Not Sure What Foods Could Be Causing You Problems See A Specialist For A Diagnosis.

Cut Out The Antacids And Try Aloe Vera Instead

Antacids Can Cause More Harm Than Good, They Neutralize The Acid In Your Stomach And Then Interfere With Your Body’s Natural Production, All Of This Continues With Poor Digestion And An Inability To Absorb Vitamins And Minerals In Your Food.

One Continous Vicious Cycle!!

Aloe Vera Gel Or Juice Can Be Consumed Every Morning On An Empty Stomach – Aloe Is Very Healing For The Gut Mucosa.

Better To Heal Than Slap A Bandage On And Try To Hide The Problems, When In Doubt Please Seek Advice From Your Healthcare Practitioner.

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