10 Travel Habits To Start Right Now

10 Travel Habits To Start Right Now


1. Carry A Photocopy Of Your Passport

Always have a photocopy of your passport in your wallet or make up bag.

If you carry both of these in your handbag together then think of another spot, either concealed in a zipped area of your carry on luggage or an interior jacket pocket.

Upload a digital copy to an online account then you will able to access it even if your phone or laptop is lost or stolen.

Photocopy all your documents, flight and hotel reservations, itineraries including your travel insurance and leave with a family member or friend not travelling with you.

Having online access to these documents is a great idea especially if your personal copies are mislaid during your journey.

2. Arrive Early

Travel is stressful and one huge stressor when traveling is almost missing your flight.

Always arrive early, much earlier than is recommended by the airline, long check in and security lines can get between you and your flight.

Relaxing in the lounge or at the gate with a coffee is a better scenario.

3. Plane Necessities

A pashmina or scarf even if you are travelling to a warm destination. Great for swathing around your neck, wrapping around your shoulders, covering your head if necessary in a conservative church situation and on the plane during the flight it can be used as a blanket or a pillow.

Anti-bacterial wipes, ear plugs or noise cancelling ear phones, a sleep mask, water bottle and small rectangular pillow – mine has a washable cover – with a pair of warm socks all make your experience flying far more pleasurable.

Carry a travel size hand cream, face moisturizer and lip balm with you and apply often to keep your skin hydrated.

4. In Your Carry On Bag

Losing your luggage can be traumatic, but living in the same underwear for days is just not right.

Always travel with a few changes of underwear and at least 2 change of clothes in your carry on.

Never put your valuables in your checked bag always in your carry on luggage.

Pack your personal medications with everyday staples like headache tablets and throat lozenges into a ziplock bag to be placed in your carry on.
Travelling sick in a foreign country from seasickness to jet lag and the common cold can be a nightmare.

5. Charge All Your Devices Before You Leave

Do not depend on charging at the airport or while on the plane because sometimes an outlet is a hard thing to find.

Ensure you charge all your devices the night before.

6. Your Money

Preparing for the worst case scenario means that if your wallet is stolen you will still have some cash available to you. Conceal some spare cash away in your sunglass Case, your makeup bag, interior pocket of your jacket and in the lining of your phone case.

Always inform your bank if you are travelling out of country, this helps improve the security around fraudulent transactions appearing on your credit cards.

If you are travelling to a foreign country exchange some currency before you leave, arrive with some local currency in your wallet.

7. Ensure All Your Immunizations Are Up To Date

There is a myriad of illnesses and diseases out there, protect yourself, keep yourself immunized.

If you travel regularly inform your doctor and confirm with your practitioner at least once a year that all your immunizations are up to date.

8. Keep A Packing List

Keep a thin notebook or list in your Phone of your go-to packing items, this is time saver, after you return from every of trip update your list.

9. Use Your Phone And Take Pictures Of All Your Travel Details

When you are on the run, finding a pen can a real hassle. Instead of writing down details like your parking space number, your rental car registration number or hotel room number snap a quick picture on your phone.

If the language barrier is an issue when I am travelling I always snap a photo of my hotel or where I am staying and the closest street sign.

10. Always Pack The Day Before And As Lightly As Possible

Packing for a trip the morning you leave is a bad idea, inevitably you will forget something important, always pack the day or night before.

Having just a few key wardrobe pieces and lots of accessories will keep your bag light.

Pack small travel size body care items and purchase travel size air straighteners if necessary, use the hotel supplied blowdryer.

Keep in mind, if you do really need it, you can buy it at your destination. Packing light makes a huge difference to your travelling experience.

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