Moving Meditation


Yoga Is Meditation. It is about being present to whatever is going on in your body, in your mind, in your emotions, in your heart and in the world. Meditation has become wildly popular over the last decade as yoga exploded into society over the past ten years, similarly meditation is now having its moment in the sun. First it was focused primarily on physical health, but we are now witnessing a growing emphasis on meditation’s benefits for mental balance and well-being. The popularity of meditation is being driven by people who claim that regular meditation can improve the immune system, cure depression, boost memory, regulate emotions, and even change the structure of the brain. Harvard Study Unveils What Meditation Literally Does To The Brain Harvard Yoga Scientists Find Proof Of Meditation Benefit Meditation has become so popular it has moved into the corporate world, the U.S. Marines, professional sports, schools and a large cross section of society. You can take baby steps into the world of meditation and integrate it into your hectic environment.

Walking Meditation

One of the simplest ways to relax your mind and become more mindful is to take a break and go for a short walk. Whether around the office or around the block, simply walking, breathing and staying mindful and focused on the present moment can have a lasting effect.

Breathing Meditation

Taking five minutes out of your day and quietly focusing on your breath while letting go of mental and physical stress can help to improve focus, aid in relaxation and clear your mind of clutter. You can download an app for this – I use Take a Break! Guided Meditation. It’s free and easy to navigate.

Take A Yoga Class

Find a class that is propelled by the breath. Practice with awareness, and develop your focus. You will flow from pose to pose with your breath as the focus. Keep the attention tuned inwards to the breath, to keep constantly coming back to the breath when the mind wanders. . . and wanders. It is very helpful to keep coming back to the breath through challenging postures, or when something is on our mind, great way to practice yoga and receive the benefits of meditation. Set aside time daily and make it a priority to meditate, just as you would attend to any other daily activity. Find techniques that match your lifestyle and personality type. Download an app and take some time for yourself.

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