Creamy Fresh Almond Milk

To Reduce Digestive Complaints And Allow Our Bodies To Absorb The Nutrients More Readily. Soak Your Nuts, Seeds, Legumes And Grains As They Contain Enzyme Inhibitors. Soaking Reduces And Deactivates These Inhibitors Allowing Our Bodies To Reap All The Benefits From These Wonderful Foods.

Soaking Method

8-12 Hours Before Blending

1 Cup Raw Almonds

1 Teaspoon Salt – I Use Redmond Sea Salt

Warm, Filtered Water

Place The Almonds In A Bowl, Use Enough Water To Cover The Almonds By An Inch, Mix In Sea Salt.

Leave Open To Air On Counter For 8-12 Hours Or Overnight.

Drain Almonds, No Need To Rinse.

Milk Method

4 Cups Of Fresh Filtered Water

1 Pinch Of Sea Salt

Place The Almonds And 4 Cups Of Fresh Filtered Water With The Pinch Of Sea Salt In High Speed Blender And Blend On High For 2 Minutes.

Strain In Nut Milk Bag Or Through Several Layers Of Cheesecloth.

Once Strained You Can Add Raw Honey To Taste If Desired.

Return To The Blender And Blend For 1 Minute To Incorporate The Honey Well.

Pour Into A Glass Jar Or Glass Flask With A Lid And Store In The Refrigerator.

Best Consumed Within 3-4 Days, The Recipe Maybe Divided In Half.

Maybe Used In All Recipes That Call For Dairy Milk, 1:1

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