Resting And Sleeping On A Plane

Resting And Sleeping On A Plane


Being able to sleep on a long haul flight is always challenging, try these suggestions for comfortably resting and sleeping on your flight

  1. Travelling on a non-stop flight is advantageous, disembarking between flights is very disruptive to sleep, also try to schedule your flight later in the day so you are not fighting your body clock.
  2. Choosing an unpopular flight time, such as the later flights out in the evenings, this increases your chances of being seated in a row with a spare seat.
  3. Being seated in an emergency exit row for extra leg room or a window seat which is our personal favourite, gives you one less person in your close proximity.
  4. Sitting closer to the front of the plane which is quieter, the galley and bathrooms are subject to more foot traffic so these should be avoided.
  5. Wearing layers of clothing when travelling is always the best option, a tank top with a cardigan and scarf or pashmina, slip on shoes will also make the security process much easier.
  6. Bringing comfortable bottoms in your carry on bag such as yoga pants and some wonderful warm wool or cashmere socks with a lightweight cashmere travel blanket will make your flight much more enjoyable.Once the plane reaches cruising altitude head to the bathroom to brush your teeth and change.
  7. Wearing a sleeping mask to block light, will give a sense of privacy and will also encourage other passengers to leave you in peace.
  8. Invest in a good quality travel pillow that suits your sleeping style, a medium size rectangular is our favourite, those donut pillows just don’t work for everyone. Please make sure that both the pillow and cover are washable.
  9. Using noise cancelling headphones when listening to your favourite music will help you to relax and wearing ear plugs can help reduce background noise other times.
  10. Buckling your seat belt over your travel blanket will avoid the crew waking you to confirm you are strapped in.
  11. Depending on the airline your food choices can be quite limited, packing a small quantity of your own healthy snacks or purchasing a salad or healthy meal in the terminal before boarding will allow you to choose your own meal time whilst onboard.
  12. Travelling with your own bottle of water is also a great idea.
  13. Always pack pre-moistened wipes and hand sanitizer in your carry on bag for your own use on the plane.
  14. Set a quiet alarm for 30 to 45 minutes before you are scheduled to land so you can change into your destination attire and be organized to deplane.

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