Savoury Mock Chicken Spread

Savoury Mock Chicken Spread


2 Medium Ripe Tomatoes

1 Medium Onion

I Cup Of Grated Cheese (I Use Lactose Free Cheese)

1 Large Egg

2 Tablespoons Of Breadcrumbs (I Use Gluten Free Breadcrumbs)

Grapeseed Oil

Half A Teaspoon Of Salt

Quarter Of A Teaspoon Of Pepper

2 Teaspoons Of Mixed Herbs


I Doubled The Mixture Today

Dice The Tomatoes And Onions And Place In A Large Saucepan With A Little Grapeseed Oil, Cook Gently Until The Onions Are Clear.

Add The Grated Cheese And 2 Beaten Eggs, Gently Stir Until Combined

Sprinkle In The Breadcrumbs, Gently Stir Until Combined, Sometimes I Add A Few More Breadcrumbs If The Tomatoes Are Extra Juicy

Add The Salt, Pepper And Mixed Herbs Gently Stir Until Combined

Simmer For 8 To 10 Minutes

Allow To Cool Before Storing In The Refrigerator

I Normally Use 2 Large Mason Jars. Bottle, Label And Store In The Refrigerator For Up To 1 Week

Serve As A Dip, Filling For Volovants Or Spread For Crostinis

Savoury Mock Chicken Spread



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