Effortless Beauty With Permanent Make-Up

If, like me, you find yourself doing a double-take every time those Kardashian Girls Eyebrows stare out at you from the pages of your favourite tabloid and wonder to yourself how they always look so perfect, then this article is for you. I know you… You try to flip the page and move on but the image of those pristinely groomed Brows hurl you into an instant flash-back of you at 7am. Painstakingly pencilling your own Brow creation, which in the dim, non-existing light of your bathroom looked pretty good but now you’re holding up your iPhone checking yourself out with that mirror App you downloaded and you realise… that was a Lip liner pencil you used! Now we all know that the Kardashians and all those other glamorous celebrities whose looks we secretly covet surely have expert Stylists and Make-up Artists to raise them from the dead every morning but how can self-effacing Women Folk like You and I get that same effortless glamour onto our faces every morning??

Well, The Simple Answer Is Permanent Make-Up

Now… don’t roll your eyes and push the ‘back’ button because you’ve instantly conjured up an image of your sweet, little old neighbour with the Permanently etched ‘sharpie’ style Eyebrows… we’ve all seen these badly Tattooed nightmares but that is not what I’m peddling here. Right now, there is some amazing talent available to us from Professional Permanent Make-Up Artists around the world and if you know what to look for then you are sure to get yourself something so Beautiful and Natural, not even your Mother would know you’ve been Tattooed! So here I have given you some basic info to get you started but… DO YOUR HOMEWORK and most importantly DO NOT SHOP FOR PRICE!

Professional Cosmetic Tattoo Artists have invested thousands of dollars and hours perfecting their work, having your Eyebrows Permanently Tattooed onto your face with only using a ‘Group-On’ voucher as research for the salon down the road is just asking for trouble. If you can’t afford to have Permanent Make-Up done by an Experienced and Professional Artist then best thing to do is wait until you can.


If you have sparse or over-plucked Eyebrows and you just can’t seem to get them to grow the way you like them or if you normally pencil or powder your Eyebrows in to create a fuller look then this procedure is definitely for you.

There are 2 application styles of Permanent Make-Up for Eyebrows. The first is the ‘Powdered’ or ‘Shaded’ style brow and the other is the ‘Hair Stroke’ technique (also known as Feather Touch or Feathering).

Personally, I prefer the original, powdered style. When done well, it has a classic look and can be done on most skin types and in many different shades and styles. If you actually have some of your own Brow hair the powder style will give you a stylish sleek finish with a natural textured look and if you have hardly any hair… the powdered style will look as good as a perfectly pencilled set of Brows without the hassle of having to do it yourself daily.

On the other hand the newer, hair stroke style is not suitable for all skin types. Unfortunately, it’s not the best choice for older skins, oily skins or weathered/sun damaged skin. The very nature of these skins can cause the hair strokes to blur, completely fade or change to an undesired colour after healing. However, when done correctly on a good candidate, the hair stroke style is amazing and looks so realistic it is difficult to tell which hairs are real and which aren’t.

Hot Brow Artists

Alan Spadone – Brazil 

Mary Richardson – USA East Coast 

Terry Darling – USA West Coast

Branko Babic – Europe Serbia 

Stefania & Marina Capitelli  Australia Brisbane

Permanent Make Up Artist Marina Capitelli Powder Brows

Permanent Make Up Artist Mary Richardson Hair Stroke Brows


These days there are several different styles and many colours of Eyeliner to choose from. Eyelash Enhancement is an Eyeliner placed between your natural Eyelash line. This gives the illusion of thicker, fuller Eyelashes on the lower or upper lash line, without looking ‘made up’. It’s a better choice for older clients or for anyone wanting a subtle look. The traditional ‘Eyeliner’ usually refers to a thicker line placed above the Eyelashes on the upper eyelid. This gives a liquid Eyeliner look and is normally created with a tail flicking out from the outside corners. It’s the choice for anyone wanting a slightly more made up look but it is a more delicate procedure and you should definitely choose a Permanent Make-Up Artist with plenty of experience in this technique.

Last but not least and the most recent in Eyeliner application styles is the ‘Designer Eyeliner’. This style combines the Eyeliner look with a shadow effect to give a Permanent Eye shadow look, it can be done in your traditional Eyeliner colours such as brown and black or you can choose to add some colour accents such as blue, green or purple. A popular look in South American and some European countries and but I have personally not seen any that I would give the thumbs up to so tread carefully and be sure to do your research if you wish to pursue this style.

Favourite Eyeliner Artists

Will Anthony – USA New Jersey

Ana Savina – Russia

Teryn Darling – USA Las Vegas

Stefania Capitelli – Australia Brisbane

Permanent Make Up Artist Stephanie Capitelli Eyeliner

Permanent Make Up Artist Nataliya Yeremenko Eye Shadow

Lip Colour

Lip procedures also come in several different styles and hundreds of colour choices. The ‘Lip Liner’ is just as the name suggests and when done well should look like a delicate boarder giving your Lip symmetry and fullness. Depending on your colour request, the Lip Liner can look a little obvious when not wearing lipstick so if you don’t like the sounds of that then you may want to opt for a ‘Lip Blush’. This style also colours the entire Lip area giving you seamless colour all the way from the Lip edge. Experienced Permanent Make-Up Artists can even give the Lip Blush a 3D effect by using several different shades of Lip colour to create light and shade. Be warned… the Lip procedure is not for the faint-hearted and complications such as ‘cold sores’ may occur in people who are pre disposed to the condition.

Artists For A Perfect Pout

Nataliya Yeremenko – Estonia 

Teryn Darling – USA Las Vegas 

Stefania Capitelli – Australia Brisbane


Permanent Make Up Artist Anna Savina

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