Shoulder Opening Poses

Shoulder opening Yoga poses can benefit all people, especially those with chronic back and neck problems, those who spend a lot of time each day sitting at a desk and those looking down at their phones a lot. Poor posture whilst sitting at a desk, table, or even while driving a car is very common and causes unfortunate physical side effects. All of the muscles in the shoulders, neck, and back area can hurt as a result of poor posture. Shortened muscles are weaker, causing additional discomfort and pain. Yoga can help open up all of these joints and muscles, reducing chronic muscle pain and joint discomfort. These four Yoga poses to help release shoulder tension and improve posture.


Downward Facing Dog Pose

There is so much this pose can do for you. The main benefit of this pose is that it has shoulder-opening capabilities.

Begin with your hands and feet on the mat so you’re in an upside-down “V.” Make sure your hands are shoulder-width-distance apart with your fingers spread wide. Place your feet hips-width-distance apart, turning the heels outward slightly so the outside edges of your feet are parallel with the outside edges of your mat. Relax the head between the shoulders, and stay here for five deep breaths.


Forward Fold With Clasp Pose

Helps you open up all the muscles in your shoulders, as well as creating openness and space in your chest. I love this pose because it is such a deep shoulder release.

Stand with your clasp hands behind back, and take a big inhale to open chest. On exhale, soften knees and fold forward, letting your head fall toward the ground and gently releasing the neck. If you feel comfortable, bend one knee and then the other, getting more into your shoulders. Stay here for 5 deep breaths.


Camel Pose

In this pose you stand up on the knees, hips width apart. Both hands rest either on the lower back or heels depending on your flexibility. Lean back and look behind you. Open your chest and throat. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as though your hugging your upper spine, keep this position for five breaths.


Dancer Pose

Develops concentration and balance. Tones and stretches the leg and hip muscles. Stretches the hip flexors. Strengthens the arch in the standing foot. Develops range of motion in the shoulders. Expands the chest and front body. Strengthens the back body in a back bend.

Keep your torso upright and reach back to grasp the inside of your ankle. Push your foot hard into your hand to keep the leg muscles active. Allow a natural curve in your lower back. Keep your standing leg straight and the muscles active. Stay in pose for five breaths.

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