Rituals For Better Sleep

Having a solid evening routine helps you sleep better throughout the night, according to Sleep Experts. Sleep quality can affect every part of our lives. Normally I would be asleep minutes after climbing into bed but with all the traveling I have found myself staring at the ceiling, wondering why I am still awake, these are the 5 Tips from Sleep Experts which I have been relying on lately.

  • Have a similar time for bedtime every evening.
  • Don’t eat and or consume caffeine within 2 hours of your designated bedtime.
  • Turn off the technology, this means the television too, plug in your devices for charging and switch to silent mode at least 30 minutes before you want to sleep.
  • Take a bath, warm and relaxing. Use soothing scented calming body wash, dim the lights and maybe listen to some soft music.
  • Close the drapes and or blinds to darken the room but make sure the temperature is cool.