Five Yoga Poses To Perform Daily For Ultimate Health

For Optimal Benefits Follow This Sequence, Hold Each Pose For Five Breaths And Perform 5 Circuits


Yoga Squat Pose

This pose is a squatting position with toes out, the heels in, and the hands at prayer position in front of the chest. Let your hips be heavy and sit low.


Warrior One Pose

Stand with the feet at least 4 to 4.5 feet apart, the front toes point forward with the back foot on a slight angle, the feet aligned heel to heel distance. Stack the front knee right above the front ankle, with the front thigh parallel to the floor. Both arms extend overhead as the shoulders, chest, and hips attempt to square forward toward the front of the room.


Half Moon Pose

In this pose, you balance on the left leg and left hand with the right leg lifted parallel to the floor and the right arm extended straight up. Push hard through the heel on the floor (be light on the toes and finger tips touching the floor). Push hard through the heel and flex your toes towards your knee of the foot in the air. Stack hips and shoulders.

Seated Twist Pose

Seated Twist Pose

Straighten the left leg while crossing the right foot over top placing your foot on the outside of your left knee, with the knee sticking straight up. With the right hand on the floor behind for support, bend the left elbow and place it on the outer right thigh to engage into a deep, thorough twist. Take your gaze behind you and twist deeper on every exhale. Repeat on the other side and make sure that you twist from maximum spinal length.


Camel Pose

In this pose you stand up on the knees, hips width apart. Both hands rest either on the lower back or heels depending on your flexibility. Lean back and look behind you, open your chest and throat. Squeeze your should blades together as though your hugging your upper spine.

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