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Thoughts For The New Year

The New Year Is Here! Did You Make Resolutions? I Made A Few But There Are 5 Thoughts I Wanted To Remind Myself Of And Share With You All

Love Your Vibe

Are You In Touch With Your Body When You Need To Make A Decision Towards Something…Or Away From Another? Connected To It’s Intelligence?

Love Your Vibe

I Was Very Inspired Today By This Cool Venn Diagram Depicting Beautifully What The Japanese Call ‘Ikigai’- A Reason For Being ♡

20 Minutes Of Self Care

We Talk A Lot About Self Care But We Don’t Always Follow Through, Incorporate Wellness & Self Care Into Your Day In Just 20 Minutes, Even The Busiest Of Us Can Manage That

Love Your Vibe

The Message Is Quite Simple, Do You Block Or Resist Success….The Life Of YOUR Dreams…And Connection To Your PURPOSE?

Love Your Vibe

Trust The Universe Has Your Back, Your Ego & Limited Thinking Can’t Create A Better Plan Than What It Has In Store For You

Love Your Vibe

Because Who We Are Is So Amazing… Each Of Us Created With A Purpose…. For A Unique Legacy All Of Our Own…

A Time For Giving

The Arrival Of The Holiday Season Is One Filled With Traditions But Most Importantly It’s The Right Time To Show & Share A Grateful Heart

Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday! Ever Notice How Being Around Certain People Energizes You? You Just Feel More Alive?

Love Your Vibe

You Will Manifest A Beautiful & Miracle Filled Life Of Your Dreams If You Let Your Higher Spirit Self Do The Heavy Lifting In Your Life


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