Category: Mind And Spirit

Love Your Vibe

Honestly…I Do Not Work A Day In My Life…As What I Do I Would Do For Free, I Live To Serve My Beautiful Tribe

Making Changes In Your Life

Change Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult, But We Tend To Resist Even Though Our Lives Would Be Improved And Enhanced

Love Your Vibe

You KNOW Deep In Your Heart & Soul If Your Intended Action Is Inspired…As You Feel An Excitement …..An ‘Expansion’….

Love Your Vibe

Yet Today I Feel A Deep Sense Of Love & Patience For Myself…As I Trust I Needed This Downtime……


I have a love for all things simple, chic and beautiful while also being clean, green and organic. TELL is where my contributors and I share our everyday stylish and holistic approach to life with you.

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