Happy Wednesday beauty!

So the message coming through today may not be for you…but please do share it with anyone you sense it may serve. This week is back-to-school for most scholars…I wish to send out a ton of love especially to any parents struggling with ‘letting go’. It is not easy or fun at first…as I recall from exactly 5 years ago when our then 18 year old only child left home to pursue his Co-op Computer Science program at U of Waterloo. It was a deep cut in our family…and one that left my hubby & I feeling lost in our own ways in our own times. I believe the mindset work I’ve been living & breathing for the last 8 years truly reduced my time in the dark & lost phase…as I my Bigger Purpose was bigger than me and staying stuck was not an option…I had bigger fish to fry!

It took me 2 weeks (where I cried a LOT) and then I began thriving as an ’empty nester’ ☆ Hubby had a tougher time…till he found a deeper sense of connection to his soul a few years later. No judgment on anyone. Take the time you need. Just know that when you are blessed to have connected to your Mission/WHY/Purpose… it really does alleviate a lot of the emptiness. You have done GREAT…your baby is launched! Now it’s YOUR time to shine ☆ What will you do with this gift?

Reply to this message if you wish to share your perspective & feelings…I would love to hear from you ♡

At Your Service, E

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