Is detoxing your body or losing a few extra pounds one of your New Years resolutions? Have you started amping up your exercise routine? Have you made changes to your eating habits and diet, and maybe meal planning?  Want to give your metabolism a shake up? We have been using “Doterra’s Slim and Sassy Metabolic Blend” with great results. It tastes great, is completely natural, made from essential oils that are safe for you to ingest. Use Slim and Sassy along with these tips….

  • Exercising at least 3-4 times a week.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water helps prevent false hunger feelings and helps your metabolism work at it’s best.
  • Track your calories, this will help you be conscious of what your are putting into your body.
  • Keep up your supplements to prevent any deficiencies in vitamins and minerals – did you know, this can actually prevent cravings?
  • Focus on how you feel, not the number on the scale.
  • Stay committed and enjoy the process of becoming and staying healthy.

Want to know more about Doterra’s Slim and Sassy, come to our Education Night on Wednesday January 25th.