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What Inspired You To Create Your Gorgeous Handmade Domestic Objects Line Of Teepees And Accessories?

The inspiration for the first play tent came from wanting one for my own children. They love to hide in and under things and a play tent seemed like so much fun. I strive to provide them with tools for imaginative and creative play. I searched for one in a fabric that suited my style and for a size and configuration that would work for my growing children while still fitting into my space. I didn’t find what I was looking for, and having a little bit of sewing experience, I decided to make one. When friends and family saw it, they encouraged me to make more. I posted some pictures of ours, with some fabric choices. They were all spoken for within a few days and my business Domestic Objects was born. This was early 2014 and now my play tents are now shipped worldwide and I have a rock star team helping me make our high quality products.

Domestic Objects Teepees Are Available For Sale All Over The World….

We don’t operate our own brick and mortar stores, we sell to retailers all over the world who take advantage of our wholesale offering. We do attend fairs in many different cities around the world and hold pop up shops as well. All of that in addition to our online stores keeps us with a presence internationally but also accessible.

Where Do You Source Your Striking Fabrics From?

This is my favourite part… I travel often throughout Southeast Asia on the hunt for fabric and I also manufacture my own. Some of my teepees are one of a kind, while others I make hundreds of them. It is really fun to search for fabric. I always find time to head to fabric markets and see what I can find.

Do You Have A Daily Routine Or Personal Rituals?

Yes, I love to run. It helps me clear my mind and keep focused on what needs to be done. I’m also a big fan of tea in the morning… English Breakfast, piping hot.

Your Most Beloved Quote?

“The way that it is, is the way that it should be”

What Lessons Have You Faced And Overcome Along Your Business Journey?

I had issues with inventory, I was keeping it in 3 different places around the world in an effort to reduce shipping costs but the logistics caused some problems before I was able to figure out a system that works. Now I have the people in place to help me keep my products moving. It was a growing pain, I don’t know how I would have done it differently, but at the time, it was very painful.

What Are You Reading Now?

The E-Myth

Your Inspirations / Role Models And Or Mentors?

My husband is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and through that group I have met some really amazing entrepreneurs from all over the world, who are working on some great businesses.

Which Personality Traits Do You Admire In Others?

As a natural introvert, social settings are not my forte. I really admire people who can work a room, remember a bunch of new people’s names after being told them once, and generally make a room more engaging when they are present.

How Do You Balance Your Business And Family Time?

That is the greatest thing about being self employed. I can control my time, where I work, and how. We have two young children and they have been dragged all over the world as part of this journey, so I get lots of family time with them and my husband while working.

What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Been Given?

Never settle.

Favourite Restaurant?

Whenever I’m in Toronto, Piano Piano on Harbord Street is a must.

Create A Magical Play Space For Your Children With A Domestic Objects Canvas Teepee, A Lightly Padded Play Mat Base And Two Pillows Are Included, Domestic Objects  Products Are Canadian Made And Based In Vancouver.


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