Kreso is not reticent to talk about his work, but prefers to allow people the freedom to react individually to discover for themselves the meaning contained therein. The influence of his work is dynamic and thematically strong. Reflecting an immense love of life and sheer joy of existence. Although Kreso was born and raised in Toronto, he still maintains a spiritual link with his ancestral homeland. This link can be seen through his use of heightened palette enclosed with a dense line. This combination of intense colour and heavy black line make the paintings resemble stained glass. The figures within the compositions are deliberately oversized and stocky, reminiscent of the classical figures created by Picasso before his foray into Cubism.

Kreso’s paintings encase hauntingly beautiful images of the Mythological creature Madusa, in rich thick colours and textures enhancing her free flowing spirit. While his nieve’s explore an “Old World Charm” tying a parallel reference to water, sun and shards of heaven. One’s personal interpretations play a key role in adding freedom of expression to Kreso’s symbolic paintings. Scenes of love, life, beginnings and endings round out the cycle in which the giving of one’s self eminates each piece and individualistic meanings can be had by all. Kreso’s deepest expression of self is to paint a reminder of everything beautiful and good.

Every painting tells a story with representations that are metaphors of expressions, that we are all the same, connected in this place and time by one thing………LOVE.

When visiting Elora Ontario, make sure you stop by his gallery as you will be in awe of the many masterpieces that are on display.